EXPOSED (A Miseducation Romance)

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This is your audience, Prynne.
Eight-million people out there, waiting to see what you have to offer.” 

She chose the hotel for the view of New York.
I chose the hotel for New York’s view of me. 

It’s her own fault for knocking on my hotel room door.

Didn’t she learn never to talk to strangers?

You never know what state of dress—or in my case, undress—you’ll find them in.

As it turns out, she’s trying to finish a romance novel.

There’s just one, tiny little problem…

One I’m more than happy to rid her of.

My one and only rule:

The curtains stay open.

I know underneath that facade of innocence is a woman longing to be seen.

Soon all interest in that romance novel is lost in the world of public exploration.

The risk of getting caught is exciting…

…until both our secrets are EXPOSED.

This is an ultra-sexy Stand-Alone in the Miseducation Romance Series with a HEA. You do not have to read the others in the series to enjoy this one.

WARNING: This book includes a lot of full frontal, birthday suit, bare it all, steamy scenes…mostly in front of windows, as well as filthy, dirty language so 18+ only!



Trespass ECover

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She’s an ice queen.

The property of another man.

She’s everything that falls into the category of not my business.

I’m here in Monte Carlo to take care of one thing and one thing only: collect what’s owed.

If it means using Alana to get what I need, I can play that game.


He’s a cocky brute.

A criminal smartass with the face and body of a beast.

He’s the enemy of the sadistic Russian billionaire who holds me captive.

That certainly doesn’t make him my friend.

Liam thinks he can play this game.

But Monte Carlo is a long way away from Boston.

But Now, All Bets Are Off

We’re two rogue players, defying the devil himself.

I’ll sacrifice everything for him…

I’ll kill anyone to protect her…

This full-length, standalone romance with a guaranteed happily ever after ending.

WARNING: This novel includes violence and situations that may be triggering to some readers. Also, plenty of steamy adult scenes, so 18+ only is STRONGLY advised.



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I’m risking Fifty-Million Dollars to make her mine.


Once upon a time, I was a simple girl from Boston.

Then, I became a pawn, a piece to be played with in the wicked games the wealthy play.

On one side of the Atlantic lies the conservative Old Money of Beacon Hill.

On the other side lies the playground of the filthy rich in Monte Carlo.

That’s where I saw Alexandre, blazing by on his motorcycle.

He introduced me to heaven on earth in the French Riviera.

Then my life turned to hell back home in Boston.

Now he’s offering me a proposition of obscene proportions, which I have no choice but to accept…. 


My entire fortune has been built by satisfying my thirst for revenge.

Then, I saw Astrid sitting alone at that outdoor bar.

She started out as a pawn in my game of conquest.

I betrayed her to win at all costs.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for her.

Now, I’m risking an obscene amount to make her mine….

This is a FULL LENGTH, STAND ALONE book with a HEA, Happily Ever After.

Warning: The steam level is HEAVY in this one, so 18+ ONLY.